We’re basically doing Clerks Iii shirt . portraits of the people who’ve inspired me. or who have worked with me, with my furniture. I started in the fashion world, and so many of the pieces [in the collection] were inspired by that work. The images pay tribute to that, and to them. It’s about their style, and my style, and how they interact. It seemed more relevant than just photographing it in a beautiful interior.I’ve had my own interior company for 11 years now, and when I look back

Clerks Iii shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Clerks Iii shirt
Clerks Iii shirt
Dropacia Not Bombs Shirt
Dropacia not bombs shirt
Gato Se Ve Como Leon Bulshit Putin Ukraine Russia War Shirt
Gato Se Ve Como Leon Bulshit Putin Ukraine Russia war shirt
Frees Palestine Shirt
Frees Palestine shirt
Freedom Is A Fundamental Human Right Stay Strong Ukraine Shirt
Freedom is a Fundamental human right stay strong Ukraine shirt
Good Morning Kick Vintage Shirt
Good morning kick vintage shirt
Have You Triggered A Liberal Today Shirt
Have you triggered a liberal today shirt
Grateful Dead I’m Not The Black Sheep I’m Tie Dyed One Shirt
Grateful Dead I’m not the black sheep I’m tie dyed one shirt
I Stand With Ukraine Puck Fudin Shirt
I stand with ukraine puck fudin shirt
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