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I am my own muse easily distracted by chickens vintage shirt . Few others than Rihanna can get away with such a statement, but it’s precisely the reason why the award-winning singer is the person LVMH chose to be their collaborator for the very first fashion house the luxury conglomerate is creating from scratch.

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The line, named Fenty, was unveiled last night with a pop-up boutique event in Paris attended by some of LVMH’s other superstars, like Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior and Olivier Rousteing of Balmain easily distracted by chickens vintage shirt . Other brands LVMH owns include Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Givenchy but as the New York Times notes, “Rihanna’s new label will be the first that LVMH chairman and C.E.O. Bernard Arnault has launched since his company Financière Agache partnered with the couturier Christian Lacroix 32 years ago.” Rihanna is also the first woman of colour to helm a brand under the French fashion behemoth’s umbrella. Ever the rule breaker, Rihanna’s line won’t follow the traditional fashion calendar of seasonal collections, instead it will retail “via multiple incremental releases on a “See-Now-Wear-Now” model,” as per an LVMH statement. The first “release,” as the drops are going to be known, “amounts to about 36 different shapes, and items range from about $200 for a corset T-shirt to for a reversible coat,” reports the Financial Times. The pieces from the first release—which drops online on May 29—have an undeniable Rihanna-ness to them, evident in the air of glam, the unapologetic swagger, the studied nonchalance. Items range from a salmon pink pantsuit with matching fanny pack to a corseted denim minidress to sculptural jackets, and accessories include slinky-strapped stilettos, chunky gold hoops, and oversized visor-style sunglasses. I’m designing what I want to wear, for when I want to wear it,” Rihanna tells FT and that much is clear from the first release. But while a blazer minidress with visible boning and boxy shoulders may look fantastic on the superstar singer or any one of her peers, how at home will it look out on the streets or at parties amongst, you know, regular folk? But perhaps the line’s real world appeal isn’t the point. Perhaps all people want is to own a piece of the RiRi puzzle, a little smidge of her magic, and LVMH is ready to give them that. As for Rihanna, it’s a chance to translate her essence, her vibe into clothing. “I’m just hyped to see people in my clothes, man.”
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    Perfect Fit
    Bought the 3XL for a person in plus size and I have no complains fits prefectly and person is very very comfortable the person is 220lbs

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    Darla Beckham

    Good for price. Bargain/novelty use, medium to medium/light weight.

    Good for general or novelty use, but these are not heavy-weight like upper-end graphic tees. If you want good and heavy t-shirts for work, these are not it.
    For embroidering, these do need more stabilizing than the white heavy-duty t-shirts you can get at a certain warehouse store, but I needed a good choice of colors. The colors are rich and the ones I’ve received have had no blotches and the seams have been solid. But I do check every shirt before I work on it.
    These do begin to show wear/age after 5-6 washings, but if you just need smart-looking shirts for events like workshops and birthdays, these will do!

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    Robert Minott

    Perfect, perfect. perfect. Classic Gildan fit

    Collars are nice and snug. Any guy with the slightest idea of how to dress will appreciate this. unless you’re always shooting for the “just left the gym” look, your collars should be snug. Gives you a nice clean look. Shirts fit well too. You shouldn’t be shooting for a tent look. If you are, buy a tent. If you’re a little chunky, own your lumps. Much better than walking around like you’re camping. Speaking from experience here.

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