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Peter Do, an independent Simp University Simp Nation Meme SIMP shirt. label based in New York with 12 employees, will donate 100% of its sale proceeds for the month of June to Color of Change, the Black Youth Project 100, and Black Visions Collective. “With the murder of George Floyd, we as a family decided it was our duty to speak for the first time on the brand channel and to follow words with actions via a financial pledge: An attack against one is an attack against all,” creative director Peter Do tells Vogue. “This is our ongoing commitment to fight for a racially equitable world, not only in word but in deed.”

Simp University Simp Nation Meme SIMP shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Simp University Simp Nation Meme Simp Shirt(Guys Tees)
Simp University Simp Nation Meme Simp Shirt(Ladies Tees)
Simp University Simp Nation Meme Simp Shirt(Longsleeve Tees)
Simp University Simp Nation Meme Simp Shirt(Sweatshirt)
Simp University Simp Nation Meme Simp Shirt(Hoodie)

She couldn’t have anticipated the pandemic, but she did anticipate that we’d be spending more time at home. “My theory has always been that the world is moving into more comfortable clothes,” she says. “I think if you look at what technology does on a macro scale, it enables much more efficiency Simp University Simp Nation Meme SIMP shirt. It enables you to watch the best TV at home, to have food from your favorite restaurant delivered to your door, and now that we’ve gotten over a lot of communication hurdles, we’re very comfortable having our conversations over Google Hangouts or Zoom. We’ve been forced to learn new competencies that we won’t soon forget, and what that does is [eliminate] the need to physically show up somewhere,” she continues. “I think working from home is going to become so much more common, and just accelerated the inevitable. People may not completely move away from cities, but we’ll be able to move further from them. If we’re working remotely and don’t have a daily commute, or we just go to the office less frequently, suddenly it opens up that house that’s two hours away. Even in terms of finding talent [or applying for jobs], it’s really hard when you’re limited to a geographic area. Once you remove those boundaries, it becomes better for everyone. Over the long term, our home will become much more the center of our world, because we have all of these new options opened up for us.

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