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Aviv the project came together via This Zoom Is Under Surveillance shirt. video conferencing. “Everything happened so quickly. We hopped on a Zoom session and just talked it out; then, they did a beautiful job of shipping the samples immediately,” says Aden. “I took a screengrab and texted it to my brother so he could show my mom. Then I was calling my cousin who worked with me at St. Cloud and was the person who originally got me the job! Creating these has been such an honor and a full-circle moment.

This Zoom Is Under Surveillance shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

This Zoom Is Under Surveillance shirt(Guys Tees)
This Zoom Is Under Surveillance shirt(Ladies Tees)
This Zoom Is Under Surveillance shirt(Longsleeve Tees)
This Zoom Is Under Surveillance shirt(Sweatshirt)
This Zoom Is Under Surveillance shirt(Hoodie)

And yet, despite the often erratic segues, there is a common stylistic thread that’s totally compelling. It’s essentially all of Coppola and Cassavetes’s wide-ranging interests brought under one roof: rare cameos of Sonic Youth, Naomi Campbell, Beck, and behind-the-scenes views of Paris Fashion Week This Zoom Is Under Surveillance shirt. you know, before iPhones. You’ll even find a hot Keanu Reeves stranded on the side of the road with a motorcycle. It is basically a wet dream for ’90s nostalgia enthusiasts. It was what we were into and what we had access to,” says Coppola speaking over the phone from her home in California. “It wasn’t a comedy show. I don’t really know how they let us develop it.” A student at Cal-Arts at the time, Coppola tapped her friend Zoe Cassavetes to co-host. Very loosely, the theme for the show was, well, all-things hi-octane: muscle cars, monster trucks, and stunt double drivers. In other words, girls getting rowdy in cars. (Coppola drove a vintage 1969 convertible GTO back then. “It would stall in the intersection of LA and I couldn’t fix it,” she says. “I was kind of a poser to have that car, but it was fun.

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